The project
This is a project of simple mobile app what helps keep drivers awake.

Developing a mobile app that is as simple as possible, and doesn’t distract a driver. It is supposed to be a product that has a choice to earn money through an attractive premium version.

My role: 

  • Strategy
  • Research
  • Wireframes
  • UI design 
  • Illustration

Ideation and concept

Project background:
Inspiration for this application was some feature, set on trains, just on driver’s cabin. It calls  “Dead-man’s vigilance device”, and has different forms, but it has the same purpose – to control that the driver is vigilant and focus on the road. The driver has to react to light and audible warning, the vehicle will stop.

So we wanted to create a mobile application with the same goal. User could put his phone on holder, and set the alarm up. When it rings – he must wave his hand near to the sensor camera, to stop it or use own voice. If he didn’t, after some time, the app sends an emergency alert to somebody, about he’s probably in trouble or can still ring.

User flow
Before defining the functionality, I wrote down the steps that the user must take to achieve his goal – set an alarm quickly


Before designing mock-ups, I made simple post-it prototypes and sketches on paper and after that in Miro app.